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No Soapy Residue

ZEROREZ® is pleased to offer its state-of-the-art, revolutionary and patented cleaning system. This unique cleaning system produces superior results, making it an excellent choice for soiled carpets.

Traditional steam carpet cleaning uses heated water mixed with soaps, detergents and toxic chemicals that are injected into the carpet under pressure, which can soak your carpets, padding, and backing of the carpet. Some of the soap, dirt, and water are removed but a considerable portion of this mixture remains embedded in your carpet. As the carpet dries, the detergent attaches to the carpet fibers and acts as a magnet for dirt and other substances.

The ZEROREZ® cleaning system does not use soaps, harsh detergents or shampoos to clean, but uses a revolutionary, non-toxic water-based cleaning agent as its cleaning fluid, called “Zr Water®,” which cleans better than soap without leaving a sticky chemical residue behind.

Zr Water®

Zr Water® is softened, normal tap water to which sodium chloride is added and then passes through a generator that alters the molecular structure of the water electrolytically. This creates a high alkaline water that has the same cleaning power of soap or detergent but does not leave any residue in your carpet.

Spills and Stains - Solved for Good

A great benefit of the ZEROREZ® cleaning system is that spots are much less likely to reappear. Reappearing spots are often the result of wicking action from the back of the carpet to the top of the carpet fiber as the carpet dries. We eliminate this and any chance of delamination (caused by traditional hot water extraction cleaning methods) because we do not penetrate the carpet’s primary backing.

ZEROREZ® is the best way to clean! If you want the best and highest quality carpet cleaning for your home or office, you cannot beat our patented cleaning process.

ZEROREZ® has a Platinum Rating from CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute), the industry’s highest rating! Remember—no residue means cleaner longer!

Patented Three Step Cleaning Process

ZEROREZ® has a patented three-step cleaning process that has been tested to clean more dirt and soil out of your carpets than any other carpet cleaning system.

First, we will pretreat your carpet with a safe pre spray made from orange peels that is designed to work with the ZEROREZ® system. It is sprayed across the entire cleanable surface of your carpet, we even use it on your area rugs, upholstery and your tile and grout. It is designed to break down oils, dirt, grease and overall soiling on any surface it is used on. The product then dwells for a period of time to increase the effectiveness of the product.

Second, we use the Zr Lifter® to agitate the carpet, breaking up oils, dirt, grease and overall soiling. The Zr Lifter® is a machine that has two counter-rotating brushes that agitate the carpet pulling up dirt, hair and soiling to the surface of the carpet so they can be easily extracted. This provides a deep clean for your carpet.

Third, ZEROREZ® uses Zr Water® as our cleaning agent. A high alkaline water that has the same cleaning power as soap but does not leave any residue in the carpet. We have a hot water extraction system that heats the water between 180 and 200 degrees fahrenheit. The water is sprayed down with a cleaning wand breaking up dirt and soil and then is extracted with the wand and sucked out of the home and back to the cleaning truck to be disposed of at ZEROREZ®’s facility. This leaves your carpet cleaner than the “other guys'' cleaning system would and with the added benefit of no residue so the carpet will stay cleaner longer.




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