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Behold: The Residue Test

See why your carpets are cleaner with Zerorez®

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Behold: The Residue Test

See why your carpets are cleaner with Zerorez®

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Carpet Cleaning Chula Vista, CA

No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®

Simply put, Zerorez® does a better job than the traditional carpet cleaning company because Zerorez® leaves behind No Residue®! Sure, when you use other cleaners, your carpet may look great at first, but over time, evidence that residue has been left behind will become apparent as dark spots appear. Dark spots appear quickly when residue is left behind in the carpet because the residue is sticky and will begin to act like a dirt magnet, attracting even more dirt and grime than you previously had. Your carpets don’t deserve that! You don’t deserve that! When you hire Zerorez® Chula Vista to get the job done, we will make your carpets Insanely Clean™ by leaving behind Zero Residue®. Book an appointment today to Experience the Zerorez Difference® for yourself.


Carpet Cleaning Chula Vista

Zerorez® Chula Vista is a very untraditional carpet cleaning company. And by untraditional, we mean revolutionary! We do not believe in using soaps, detergents, harsh chemicals, or any other potentially harmful substances to clean carpets like other carpet cleaning services. Instead, we believe in green carpet cleaning. Our non-toxic carpet cleaner, Zr Water®, makes our organic carpet cleaning dreams come true. Zr Water® is enhanced water that is first electrolyzed and then oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without any harsh chemicals, toxins, soaps, or detergents. Because this solution contains no soaps or harsh chemicals, it is entirely safe for kids, pets, and the environment. When applied to surfaces via low-pressure spray, the Zr Water® loosens embedded dirt and then helps clean surfaces. All the clean without the worry of leaving behind particles of soap or harsh chemicals in your carpet fibers. Don’t let those nasties sit in your carpet fibers and wait to come in contact with the next foot, pet, or child that rolls around on the floor. Choose to clean with Zerorez® Chula Vista - We Clean Green™. Photo by Roman Eugeniusz at,_CA,_USA_-_panoramio_(77).jpg

Chula Vista

In Spanish, the name Chula Vista means “beautiful view.” This city is the lemon capital of the world and has been for a very long time. It wasn’t long after Spanish settlers settled in Chula Vista that they discovered the climate and environment were perfect for growing lemons. Forty-seven thousand acres of lemons are grown in California each year, with the city of Chula Vista significantly contributing to the production. Lemon production in Chula Vista is so valuable that to improve the success of lemon groves in this area, an insect called the Cryptolaemus lady beetle was imported to California from Australia for the specific purpose of helping lemons grow. This beetle has been instrumental in keeping pests away from citrus farms, helping acres and acres of lemon trees flourish in Chula Vista.

A lemon festival is held in Chula Vista every year. This festival time is the one weekend a year it’s ok to be sour! Free to the public, residents, and visitors come from all over the area each year to attend the annual Chula Vista Lemon Festival. This family-friendly event is full of activities, lemon filled food and drinks, handmade and commercial goods, contests, games, international food stands, restaurant vendors, live music, and of course, the famous lemon pie-eating contest.

The nice weather with no extremes that Chula Vista experiences each year is not only perfect for growing lemons but makes for a great place to live year-round. It has attracted so many residents that Chula Vista is now the seventh-largest city in Southern California. Photo by David at

Upholstery Cleaning

Can you remember the last time you had your couches cleaned? Did you know that every time you lay back on your sofa to binge-watch your favorite show, you are snuggling with several months’ worth (maybe even years worth) of dead skin cells, pet hair, and dirt? Your couches are the place where your friends and family go to hang out. Your couch is where you take your Sunday naps, play games, and it could even be where you work! All that time on your couch leads to all sorts of gross stuff just building up over time. And it can also ruin the upholstery fabric over time. Chances are, your favorite seat is long overdue for some couch cleaning.

Zerorez® Chula Vista has the upholstery cleaning solution you’ve been waiting for. We provide safe, effective cleaning that will restore the beautiful appearance of your upholstery. With the patented Zr Water® cleaning process, we do not need to use harmful soaps, detergents, or shampoos. Instead, we use a green cleaning system that removes deeply embedded dirt and odors. Our Zr Water® works on any type of upholstered item, including sofas, dining room chairs, recliners, and more! The Zerorez® system removes dirt buildup through a patented, highly effective, and safe process. There is no risk of over-wetting with our system, and you get great results - happy and clean upholstery!

Chula Vista Rug Cleaning

The right area rug can make any room look more spacious and welcoming. Unfortunately, it’s often expensive to get a high-quality rug. Once you have one, get it professionally cleaned to help it look, feel, and smell as good as possible. Professional maintenance and cleaning for your area rug can also help it last longer, which delays the need to buy a replacement.

Did you know that the Zerorez® rug cleaning process has achieved the seal of approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute? That’s right! Our patented cleaning system has earned a certified Platinum rating from the Carpet & Rug Institute. We treat the delicate fibers of fine pieces with care. We only use products that are gentle on your rugs and safe for the people and pets in your home - plus, our products are environmentally friendly. We provide a clean that restores the brilliant colors of area rugs, causes NO bleeding of colors, and protects them from future damage. Get your rug cleaned by the best today by booking an appointment with Zerorez® - the most trusted rug cleaner in the Chula Vista area.




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