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Fabric Protectors

Fabric protectors are a necessary product applied to fabrics to make them more resistant to staining and soiling. ZEROREZ® has a carpet protector designed to work with ZR WATER® called, ZEROREZ® Premium Fiber Protector. The protector will help reduce fiber abrasion, decrease static electricity in the carpet making soil and hair stay near the surface of the carpet for easy vacuuming and acid dye resistors that help prevent staining.



Almost all carpet manufacturers in the United States apply a fabric protector before they sell you the carpet. These last for a couple years in high traffic areas. It is always recommended to reapply fabric protectors to prevent staining, reduce wear and tear, and prolong the life of your carpet. It will also make your next cleaning look even better because the dirt and soiling are attracted to the protectant rather than the fiber of your carpet. ZEROREZ® now offers you an aftermarket treatment that is better and more effective than the carpet manufacturer's protector; ZEROREZ® Premium Fiber Protector. To have this enhancing protector applied to your carpet, give us a call or be sure to ask your service technician during your next appointment!


Popular rugs are polyester or polypropylene rugs, shag rugs, Oriental or Persian rugs, wool rugs, and many more. Most area rugs will not have a fabric protector applied when they are made but will benefit largely from an application of a fabric protector after cleaning. ZEROREZ® Premium Fiber Protector is a great idea to have applied to your rug, it will help prevent staining, reduce wear and tear, and prolong the life of your carpet.


Upholstery comes in a wide variety of sizes, fabrics, fibers, colors, and construction styles. ZEROREZ® can clean almost any fabric of furniture. Some upholstered pieces may have a fabric protector applied when made depending on the manufacturer. Application and reapplication of fabric protectors after every cleaning are critical to the long-term life of your upholstery. Protectors provide the same benefits when applied to your upholstery as applied to your carpet. Prolong the life of your upholstery with ZEROREZ® Premium Fiber Protector.

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ZEROREZ® Premium Fiber Protector Benefits

  1. Restores “like new” Protection: Just as if it came from the carpet mill: not just surface protection.
  2. Oil Resistant: Tracked in oil, cosmetics, or spills will not stick as easily and are easier to clean off the carpet.
  3. Deep Penetrating Stain Resistance: Prevents staining from food dyes like those found in sports drinks or red fruit drinks
  4. Resists and Repels Dry Soil: Reduces the static electricity between the carpet fibers allowing for a dry clean every time you vacuum, picking up more dirt, soil, and hair.


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