Behold: The Residue Test

See why your carpets are cleaner with Zerorez®

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Behold: The Residue Test

See why your carpets are cleaner with Zerorez®

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Carpet Cleaning Poway, CA

The Zerorez Difference™

  • Stays cleaner longer
  • Dries faster
  • Green and family friendly cleaning solutions
  • Highly-Reviewed – Over 1,200 5-Star Ratings on Google
  • No soap or harsh chemicals
  • Professional cleaning staff


The City in the Country

Poway was originally settled by Native Americans long before colonists arrived. This is evident in the vast array of artifacts that have, and continue to be found today. It was anciently known as Pawiiy or Pauwaii, by the Kumeyaay people. It was not until 1804 that the area was settled by Spaniards, even then it would be 176 years later until Poway was officially declared a city on December 12, 1980.

Poway was not a western cowboy town as many people believe, but rather a vast land of agricultural wealth. The winter precipitation provided substantial water for crops like avocados and oranges, but as more water became readily available more residents came, and farms left making way for Poway to become a residential hub.

Today Poway Boasts many adventures hiking trails and natural beauties. One popular natural beauty is known as Potato Chip Rock. Located at the end of the Mt. Woodson hike is a unique weathered rock jettisoning out of the mountain which has the resemblance of a potato chip.

If hiking is not your scene, you can find adventure at the Old Poway Park, which has a real steam locomotive, a unique shopping experience, and quaint dining all surrounding an old western town feel.

Poway is a wonderful town that Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning has had the privilege of serving for over 15 years.

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Our Most Popular Services

Carpet Cleaning Poway, CA

We are the carpet cleaning experts of Poway. Our No Residue® approach is revolutionary changing the carpet cleaning industry. Our patented process using Zr Water® will leave your carpets cleaner longer because you won't have dirt-attracting residue left behind. Our tools are cutting edge and will dry faster than our competitors- getting you back to your carpet faster. Give us a try! Zerorez® technicians are the best carpet cleaners around.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Did you know your tile has pores that get dirt stuck inside of them? As you walk on your tie you push these particles into your tile; even a home steam mop has problems getting the dirt out of these pores. Our tile cleaning process will reach deep into your grout and tiles pores cleaning out all of the dirt and grime that has gotten stuck over the years. You will love the difference Zerorez® tile cleaning makes!

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery has a way of gathering dirt, grime, and even skin cells into its fibers. As you can imagine, this doesn't help with your upholstery's looks. That's not anything Zerorez® in Poway can't handle. We have special tools that are designed to remove these particles and get your upholstery looking bright and clean again; all without leaving any dirt-attracting residue behind. Zerorez® is the best couch cleaner in Poway!

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs need a special kind of cleaning process; one that is delicate enough to keep your fibers intact and undamaged, but also strong enough to remove the grime that is diminishing the beauty of the rug. We come to you and bring our special tools with us to give your rug the care it deserves. Of course, we also leave No Residue® behind, meaning your rug will stay cleaner longer.

Air Duct Cleaning

The air you breathe is kind of important, so you want to make sure that the air in your home is as clean as it can be. The American Lung Association reports that 4/10 Americans are living with unhealthy air. Don't let your home's air be the cause of asthma or allergies, clean up your air ducts to get the air you breathe clean. Our air duct cleaning process blasts out all the dust and debris that end up littering your air ducts over the years.

Pet Odor Treatment

Our pets bring us an incredible amount of joy, but unfortunately, they can sometimes leave some unwelcomed presents for us as well. That's not a problem for the Zerorez® patented cleaning process. Our Zr Water® combined with our pet treatment reaches deep into your carpet neutralizing odors and leaving a fresh, clean, Residue Free® carpet behind.


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